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Captain's orders
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Captain's orders

    All passengers on board are obliged to abide to the captain's orders, as he is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew
    2. Passports have to be given to the captain for registration.
    Jumping or diving from the boat during navigation and swimming far from the boat or the coast should be avoided.
    During rough weather (large waves, wind) it's not allowed to walk on the boat, but if necessary, movement should be done with care.
    5. Safety belts are placed under the seats in the benches.
    6. As the boat is explicitly acoustic all passengers are asked to behave accordingly.
    Kindly respect night peace on the boat, which officially starts at midnight. Only if all passengers agree the limit may be extended.
    8. Smoking in cabins is not allowed.
    Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on the boat except fruit, cakes, cookies or similar.
    10. Any damage by any passenger must be compensated to the captain.
    11. It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea.
    Water is a problem on every boat, so it is necessary to be very rational with it. The same applies to the electricity which runs on the accumulator.
    13. For security reasons climbing on the masts is forbidden.
    Guests are obliged to respect meal times on board, which are placed on the board in the salon.
    15. Surfing at client's own risk. Please don't go too far.
    The captain and the crew will be available for any questions or complaints and will do their best to make your stay on board a most pleasurable one.